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F&L offers fully comprehensive Hygienic solutions, High quality stainless steel products, designed for both operational and personal hygiene applications. We work closely with our customers on projects to develop solutions that suit their individual needs and requirements. From technical advice on the common development and construction through to individual production - with us you will receive professional schedule management and maximum service back up. Whether retrofitting existing plants or new buildings, we offer individual solutions for every size. We will assist you professionally from the initial ideas and concept right up to the full commissioning of your plant. Our Comprehensive range of products and service will give you the knowledge that your needs are met by F&L! Even after the delivery and installation we offer full product training if required along with excellent back up service and support.



We offer following:


Trade for hygiene equipment for industrial use

Chemical detergents

Montage, service and repair

Leasing of machines and equipment

Leasing of cleaning machines

Cleaning service




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Wandhalter für Kunststoffsack-Rolle Waschplatz für Kleinteile hair nets dispenser for 500 pcs heavy duty FLOOR DRAINS, vertical with square upper part, two- part Hebe-Kippvorrichtung Fly killer, PlusLigth(tm) Hebe-Kippvorrichtung Mini-round Profi Floor drain, vertical, two- part Kistenwaschmaschine Swing  Loader Pneumatisch für 200 L Hub- u. Beschickungswagen (DIN 9797) Hebe-Kippvorrichtung Mini- square Profi floor drain, horizontal, two- part Kistenwaschmaschine Hebe-Kippvorrichtung 6 Doppelhaken



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